Tommaso Spadolini heritage is full of great Architects, his grand father, his father and mother, his brothers and sisters. His father Pierluigi held the first professorship of Industrial Design in an Italian University and over 40 years ago designed the first modern motor yacht, the Akhir line by Cantieri di Pisa; still today these yachts bear the same original design on their exterior lines.

Tommaso started designing yachts under his father supervision even before he graduated from University and has been doing just this for more than 30 years. Today more than 250 yachts that navigate the world seas bear his signature.

Tommaso is committed into developing solutions with attention to detail, technical innovation and an eye to the environment in order to deliver distinctive, “green” and successful projects. He, always, work very closely with clients to translate their dreams into reality. Careful consideration is given to every element ensuring that the design features are accurately realized and that the overal project exceeds all expectations.

Over the years many special yachts came out from Tommaso pencil and drawing board: among them the yacht Fortuna made for the King of Spain (the first yacht that runs over 70 knots of speed) or the yacht Nina J (42 m) winner of the 2006 Cannes World Yachts-Trophies, Numptia (now H.P. III), AS Boat International Neptune Price 2012, ASLEC4 AS RINA Green Yachts of the Year 2013, 2 Ladies (46 m M/Y) As Showboat International Finalist.

Tommaso love for the sea is always present in his design, finding the right balance between smooth lines, comfortable volumes and constant contact with the surrounding sea.

“I see the design of a new yacht like a new “Fontana di Trevi” where water falls down gently in a soft manner. A yacht where contact with the prime natural element that surround her is always present even in the initial sketches. For me a boat must live the sea. The sea is, naturally, around and under the yacht but must be felt and lived with harmony by the owner and the guests.”.

Work in Progress


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