COLUMBUS 54 m – Prima

COLUMBUS 54 m - Prima

Year of launch: 2011
technical data
max breadth:
construction material:
hull type:
54 m.
10.2 m.
Steel & Aluminium
The interiors are designed in full respect of classical style but at the same time very contemporary, a style that will weather time and fashions. All forms, both in terms of spaces and of furnishings, are geometrical and decisive but are made in a classical “yacht” way by using first class classical materials like: durmast with tight veins, walnuts selected woods, Carrara marble with gold veins, polished stainless steel, fine Italian leather for the top surfaces of the furnishings. A combination of design research for the added “contemporary” feel in all the inside living spaces.
ship yard
Columbus Yacht (Palumbo Spa)
project partners
Hydrotec Ing. Sergio Cutolo Technical project

Work in Progress


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