NEW 245

NEW 245

Year of launch: 2013
max breadth:
design speed:
propulsion engines:
construction material:
hull type:
75 m.
12.5 m.
1100 t.
19 knt
4200 nm
2 X CAT 3516 2525 kw @ 1800 rpm
Steel & Aluminium
The decision of placing the pool on the lower aft deck was made to meet the requirements of the client to be close to the surrounding sea. The gym was placed in place of the lateral tender garages mid ship  and the tenders area were moved forward just before the bow, housed under the deck. The owner suite looks back wards with its private en suite living room and sun deck.The touch and go helipad is on a retractable platform.The design concept follows the current tendencies with a vertical bow but offers some new approaches in the stern area, a full, but safe contact, with the water; the design is made of few simple clean lines that give a clean and linear first view of the yacht lines and profile.
 ship yard
Columbus Yacht (Palumbo Spa)

Work in Progress


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